The IMOP is designed to provide an opportunity to Channelplay employees for creating their own career path, as well as for providing them first shot at growth opportunities within the company. Under this program, most openings at Channelplay will be published on the 1Office discussion board, and existing Channelplay employees will have the option of applying for the opening if they meet the criteria. The following guidelines will govern this program:

  • A candidate needs to have spent at least 1 year in their current role before being eligible to apply for a change through the IMOP.
  • Openings published through the IMOP will mention which Grade and Band the opening is for. Employees who are in the same band or one band below the published Grade-Band are eligible for applying for the opening. However, please note that a rise of more than 1 band levels in a 12 month period is not possible for anyone other than those who were rated in the top tier of the previous year's appraisal, who can be promoted to the next band after 6 months.
    • For example, if an APM Band 2 was not rated at the top tier in the previous appraisal, but got promoted to APM Band 3 during the annual appraisal cycle in April, they can only apply for APM Band 3 positions for the rest of the year.
    • However, if the same person was rated in the top tier in the previous appraisal, they can re-apply for one more band jump after October.
  • Internal applicants will be given preference for filling openings. However, internal candidates applying for IMOP openings may have to go through the same selection process as an external candidate.
  • If multiple Channelplay employees apply for a particular opening, the following will be considered before making a decision:
    • Past KPI performance of applicants
    • Assessment and Interview scores
  • If candidates move to a new position through the IMOP, the base remuneration of the band for which the opening has been published will become the remuneration of the candidate effective the 1st of the following month.