1. Introduction

The continued success of the Channelplay depends on its ability to recruit and select high quality staff at all levels. It is, therefore, essential that the recruitment and selection process is properly planned, organized and conducted in a way that is most effective. In any process of employee selection a high level of subjective judgment is inevitable. However, the use of guidelines can assist Interviewers to make their decisions in a more systematic manner and with a greater degree of objectivity. The Retail Hiring Policy has been formulated to provide such a framework by offering practical advice and support for those people with responsibility in this area.

· Vision

To be acknowledged as a team of recruitment professionals with the expertise to consistently facilitate an optimum result for both our clients and candidates

2. Policy Purpose


The purpose of our Recruitment and Selection Policy is to ensure that any decisions taken to employ people


• are uniform across the Company

• fulfill legislative requirements

• are consistent with the Company’s philosophy, and

• support our strategic goals


The best person for the vacant position will be selected only based on merit. This consists of an assessment of their overall skill level, knowledge, experience and relevant qualifications, in accordance with the requirements of the Position/Job Description.

3. Policy Scope & Applicability


This document has been complied for the use of Channelplay associates. Retail Hiring done either by the Project team or by the Retail Hiring team shall be governed by this Policy. Consolidating in one volume the various facilities and benefits available to the Channelplay associates and Policy in governing them.


4. Exclusions


This document contains general guidelines but not detailed work procedures for the Recruitment function.

5. Responsibility


This document is owned by the Retail Hiring department of Channelplay Limited. The HR department will issue amendments as and when necessary. The Recruitment function would keep this document continuously updated by:

• Making necessary amendments/changes/updates as per the management policy.

• Introducing new pages or substituting existing pages by new ones as and when issued by Channelplay Limited as and when applicable to India.

6. Strategy


Channelplay ‘s strategy to do the retail hiring on PAN India basis is based on the following key elements:

· Develop capabilities for sustainable growth

· Decrease dependency on limited sourcing channels

· To increase candidate database

· Healthy source mix

· On time fulfillment

· Healthy conversion ratio

· Productivity metrics

· Digitization

6.1 Feet on Street


Recruiters on a regular basis go to local markets to do recce and find suitable candidates for current & future openings. Recruiters have to passionately involve themselves in the market to ensure that they are the first choice for the potential job seekers.


6.2 Internal Database


Channelplay has accumulated a PAN India database of 35000 plus associate over a period of last 7 years of its existence. There are chances of this data becoming redundant if not churned periodically. Recruiters have to ensure its constant usage and regular updating.



NSDC – National Skill Development Council of India has a mandate to skill the unskilled people of India. Since our business interest is more in the Telecom Sector Channelplay has partnered with the TSSC for the skill development cause. TSSC is the Telecom Sector Skill Council a government initiative committed to develop world class skilled manpower for the Telecom industry. To create a viable ecosystem by implementing an "integrated approach" by prioritizing initiatives that can have a catalytic effect to develop competency based framework of world class excellence for skill development and quality assurance of personnel in the Telecom sector.Channelplay’s Recruiters have to play an active role to hire TSSC Certified manpower from the Affiliated Training Providers of TSSC on PAN India basis for the various job roles offered by the clienteles

6.4  Employee Referral Program

Employee referral program is an internal recruitment method for active Channelplay employees designed to encourage the existing associates to source potential candidates for open positions from their existing social and professional networks.

7. Eligibility & Skill set


Although the skill set for each Job Role would be different from one another, however, the following minimum eligibility criteria would be followed for every job role :-

· Minimum Eligibility

Matriculation +

Minimum 1Yrs experience CDIT sales or NSDC / TSSC Certified personnel

Age : 18+


· Minimum Required skill

Industry : IT/ Telecom, service & related industries

IT products related know how

Computer literacy

Communication skill

8. Recruitment Process


The Recruitment process consists of the following in sequence:-

· Job Description

· Job Opening

· Assign Recruiter

· Assign Candidates

· Assessment & interview process

· Making an offer


8.1 Job Description


The Job Description is the most important document for recruitment. It is the base on which the selection or rejection of the candidate will depend. It should be carefully drafted by the business head or the clientele capturing the finest details of the job role and the traits, skills & assessment guidelines required for that job role. It should not be a copy paste Job Description.

8.2 Job Opening


The Job Opening will be created on the 1Office System of Channelplay by the Project Manager. An informed decision is to be taken by the Project Manager at this stage whether s/he requires the support of Retail Hiring Team or not and accordingly tick the appropriate box and proceed with the uploading of carefully finalized Job Description, number of openings and assign interviews process. The retail hiring team will only act in case their services have been opted for by the Project Manager.The option of going through the Retail Hiring team or not is only to economize on the internal cost transfers; which would be notified from time to time and no other reason whatsoever.

8.3 Assign Recruiter(s)


Recruitment Manager of the Retail Hiring Team would assign the created positions on the 1 Office of Channelplay to the Field Recruiter either directly or through the Regional Recruiter along with the carefully finalized Job Description and a detailed brief about job role and the client’s specific requirements, if any. In a dialogue between the Project Team and the Recruitment team before the hiring is highly desirable for higher Selection Ratio. Each Recruiter has a predefined TAT and Selection Ratio in his KPI’s.

8.4 Assign Candidates


Sourcing candidates as per the above defined Strategy, Eligibility, Skill set & Job Description is the sole responsibility of the Field Recruiter. He will perform First Level Screening as per the mandate and assign candidates for further assessment.

During the Initial short listing the Field recruiters are the public face of Channelplay on the recruitment show window as they are the first point of contact of future recruits. Their conduct should be transparent and impeccable. They will canvas aggressively in their catchment areas through all available means to get maximum candidates to report to them. The prospective candidates must be received properly, they must be guided properly and they should be made comfortable. If the candidates have brought their documents with them then a preliminary inspection of them should be done to sift out non serious and totally ineligible candidates. Those who have not got their documents should be told to come with their documents.

8.5 Assessment & Interview Process


The shortlisted personnel are then put through the recruitment process by the Assigned People/PM/ Client. The process should be such that no undesirable and ineligible persons are recruited, and in the event of it happening and a misdemeanor being committed we should be able to locate the individual at his given address. For this the Assigned Person/PM/Client must use his ingenuity like taking references with telephone numbers and calling up some of them if need be. Such details must be recorded in his CV. The Assigned Person/PM/Client can use the following documents to satisfy himself about the bonafides of a person.

a) Adhaar Card

b) Passport

c) PAN card

d) Voters I Card

e) Matriculation /Mark sheet

f) Ration Card.

g) Awas Praman Patra

h) Driving License

The aim of checking the documents is primarily to ascertain the identity, date of birth, educational qualifications and place of residence. For this original documents should be inspected. The candidates may also be asked to give references and mobile numbers of two other persons for deeper verification. After checking the bonafides of the candidates the Assigned Person will then get the candidate interviewed by the PM/Client who is to give his consent for the recruitment. Recruitment will only be done with the consent of the Project Manager/Client. Project Manager is then to update the results on the 1 Office of Channelpay. 

8.6 Making an Offer


Once consent of the Project Manager/Client is obtained, the Project Manager will then up load all the relevant details on 1Office of Channelplay Ltd and make an offer to the candidates found suitable and close the opening on 1 Office of Channelplay Ltd. On joining the candidate will be given the Appointment letter, e-mail ID and the Company Asset for Company use (against undated security cheque of equivalent amount). S/he will be required to complete the on boarding formalities like uploading of his/her documents on the 1Office of Channelplay Ltd ,filling up of joining forms if any and the Employee Verification Form.

9. Self-Sustainability


Retail Hiring  has been designed to be self-sustainable

9.1 Project

Our mission is to become a profit center, achieve economic independence and become free from any financial dependency & assistance while building & maintaining strong & healthy relationship.

9.2 Benefits

• Operational Benefits


Streamlined business

SLA (service level agreement) and TAT (turnaround time) driven mechanisms

• Financial Benefits

Visibility of costs

Reduced cost per hire

Productivity gains

• Strategic Benefits

Talent pipe lining

Quality of hires

Zero vacant man months

9.3 Commercial


• This shall be notified from time to time by the Head HR. Presently for every front line associate hired with recruitment team support, Business shall accept an Internal Cost Transfer of INR 2000/-

• At the end of each month, Retail Hiring team will raise internal transfer to Program Manager for the front line executives hired in that particular month.

• Program Manager will be accepting the undisputed invoices by 13th of every month.

• In case of disputes in the submitted internal transfer, the query to be raised before the 13th of the month.

• Retail Hiring Team shall provide a replacement In case of early exit/attrition of an employee within 30 days from DOJ without additional Internal Transfer.

• Replacement hiring without Internal Cost Transfer will be only in case of voluntary exits/attrition's.

10. FAQs


• All closures done through Recruitment team support to be charged at 2000/-

• Attrition Clause: Voluntary attrition within first 30 days from joining to be replaced with no additional cost

• Forced attrition not covered under Attrition clause.

• All references & applications to be routed through Retail Hiring team

• Recruitment process shall remain same for all applicants (references or internal sourcing)

• Incentive payout for closures through employee referral not to be paid to recruiters

• INR 500/- payout for a successful referral

• Employee referral program is only for Channelplay active employees

• Payout to be made after 3 months of joining of the associate

• Both – Referrer & Referee should be in active employment in Channelplay at the time of availing the reward

• “First In” rule will be applicable, if same candidate is referred by two or more associates

• If candidate has applied at Channelplay through referral system along with any other mode of recruitment. “First in” rule applies.

• Once job is created with “recruitment support required” the business will have to accept the Internal Fund Transfer for the number of positions created &       


• For positions where recruitment team support is not required, job creator to mention the same while creating job in 1 Office of Channelplay.

• No editing is permitted for jobs created with “recruitment support required field”

11.  Conclusion


The performance of a company depends greatly on the quality of the Human Resources that it has. It is important that utmost care is taken to ensure that the best talent is recruited and that all statutory requirements are met in the process. For this, meticulous adherence to the policy as enunciated is necessary. All associates involved in the recruitment process must familiarize themselves with the policy and follow it in letter and spirit.