1. Introduction

The fast growing Indian retail market in India is estimated to be US $ 500 billion and one of the top five retail markets in the world by economic value. It accounts for over 20% of the country’s GDP and contributes 8% to total employment. The Indian retail industry has experienced high growth over the last decade with a noticeable shift towards organized retailing formats

The retail Industry hires high percentage of temporary staff, mainly in the sales team and hence the demand of temporary staff continues to show an increasing upward trend. Attrition is also a major challenge faced in the industry and this will continue as more players enter the market and the workforce has a greater choice of employers. In order to tackle attrition challenges, retailers are increasingly adopting different models to recruit people. There is an increasing trend for various universities and educational institutes to provide specialized courses in retail. Some retailers are joining hands with these institutes to bridge the huge supply demand gap

Channelplay is India’s fastest growing retail marketing company assisting global brands in the field of Retail Intelligence, Sales force & Retail Sales management, Visual merchandising, training's, Loyalty programs and Events & promotions. We do everything that help our clients sell effectively. At Corporate level we are always looking for the best talent to manage our growing workforce

2. Aim

Aim of this Policy is to lay down all the guidelines, governing principles, process towards the talent acquisition for the corporate

3. Values

At Channelplay we look for the following two valves in a prospective Channelplay Associate:-



4. Scope of Corporate Hiring

Channelplay has a well-defined Grades and Band structure. At the bottom of Pyramid are the Executives and on top is the CEO. In between we have AM’s, Managers, Senior Managers, General Managers and VP’s. The scope of corporate hiring starts from AM grade band 3 onward continues up wards generally till GM grade band 3. The Channelplay hierarchical Pyramid has been depicted as follows:-



5. Hiring Strategy


The most critical decision a company makes about employees is the decision to hire them in the first place. Whether a company succeeds or fails ultimately depends on whether it hired the right people to effectively execute its strategies. The hiring Strategy essentially needs to revolve around to acquire the right talent for the available position. There are multiple options today available to target the right Talent Pool. While deciding the option or combination of options have to bear in mind the cost factor also. We do not encourage use of consultants, unless it is inescapable and our own hiring team has run out of all options. Some of the frequently used options Channelplay uses are display on Channelplay’s Website, Naukri.com, IIM Job listings, Alumni Forums, IMOP’s, Advertisements, Employee referrals, Campus hiring, Industry mapping etc.



a. All open position to be published on Channel play’s career website

b. Naukri.com- All open mandates for APM level should get posted on Naukri.com

c. Job Listings on IIM Jobs – All PM and above level position should get posted on this forum. If the position is confidential then ensure that’s maintained while publishing the 

     role on website

d. Premier Institutes alumni groups- All senior level mandates can get published on the alumni groups through the help of internal employees

e. All open positions to be posted on social networking website as and when required

6. General Hiring Responsibilities & Guidelines

6.1 Responsibilities

a. Corporate Hiring Team is responsible for developing, monitoring and overseeing employment policies and providing Channelplay with support necessary to attain Talent 

     acquisition objectives. Typical responsibility of Hiring Team

      i.  Represent needs of the organization

      ii. Source, interview and facilitate recruitment process within Channelplay

      iii. Conduct and coordinate position searches using various resources

      iv. To close all open all position in the specified TAT and within the defined selection ratio

       v. Emphasize the needs to  follow the Channelplays 1Office tool  to manage hiring process


b. Hiring Managers are responsible for making such decisions in accordance with policies and procedures established by Channelplay. Each hiring supervisor is accountable 

     for his/her actions in matters relating to applicable sections of this policy.


c. Typical responsibility of Hiring Managers


     i. Make selection and hiring decision within the stipulated policies and parameters, including reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, conducting reference checks and 

         documenting feedback

     ii. Implement recruiting and staffing policies, procedures and policies within their Business


6.2 Guidelines


a. Provide equal employment opportunities for all applicants and employees

b. Right to reemployment or return to active employment

     i. Reemployment  rights extend to  former regular staff who returns from a long leave of absence on or before  the agreed upon return date when the leave was  formally    

        requested and granted in accordance with Channelplay policy

c. Rehiring former staff

     i.  Regardless of the reason for rehire, all former staff must serve probation period

d. Employment of related person

     i.  Employment by a related person in any position (e.g. regular staff, faculty, other teaching, temporary, casual, third party, etc.) within an organizational unit can occur only 

         with the approval of the Head HR/CEO. Under no circumstances may a Manager hire or approve any compensation action for any employee to whom the manager is     

         related. An individual may not supervise, evaluate the job performance, or approve compensation for any individual with whom the manager is related


e. Age / Gender as a Hiring factor

     i.  Age/ Gender (except for persons under 18 who have not graduated from high school may not be used as a factor in hiring unless it can be shown as a necessary job 


6.3 Process and Practices

All Job Openings must be listed on the Channelplay’s career website. The next steps are:-

a. Job Description


§ First & most important step after creation of job on the 1Office of Channelplay is to carefully draft the Job Description as the document is only going to translate the open 

      position into Hiring  


§ It is hiring manager’s responsibility is to identify the roles and responsibilities of the job and to document the criteria its selection process


§ The hiring team will review the Job description and seek approval from head HR/CEO. Also will ensure that the job description is entered into 1Office of Channelplay


b. Selection Criteria  


Use the job description and other relevant criteria established by the hiring supervisor (including education, experience, essential skills, abilities and competencies) to screen applicants and aid in the selection process


     i.   Online Test must be conducted for all the applicants SL for that role.  Applicants must score minimum of 50% in the assessment for us to take his/her candidature forward

     ii.   All applicants (corporate role) must go through at least 3 rounds of interview. Any candidate who will be based at corporate office (regardless of designation) has to go 

           through a final interview with CEO before an offer is extended to the candidate

     iii. Candidates to be evaluated on a Four Point scale as defined in Channelplay 1Office for each skill

     iv. Interviewers must provide ratings for candidates using the channelplay 1Office recruitment functionality, and must approve and reject them. Approved candidates will go             to the next step of the process, and rejected candidates will not be considered any further


c. Qualifications/Education


     i.   All candidates should have Proficient communication skills & High IQ

     ii.  Beginner APM’s (Band 3) are mandatory MBA’s, mostly from Tier 2 /Tier 3 Institutes like IIPM, Amity, JIMS, BIMM etc.

     iii.  APM  at Band 4 and 5  are MBA’s with experience from Tier 2 Institutes

     iv.  For PM’s, highest preference will  be to promote  APM’s to PM’s

     v.   PM’s who are hired from outside will be hired into Band 1 and should be from Premier Institutes

     vi.  PM’s with more experience and having relevant work experience can be hired into any Band

    vii.  At PM level the person also need to have client management and skills related to the vertical

   viii. GPM’s hired from outside must be from premier business school with minimum 4 years of work experience

     ix. GPM’s should have Business development and operations management capability


d. Reference Checks 


     i. The hiring supervisor is required to obtain a minimum of two reference checks from previous employers. Reference checks must be part of the candidate's evaluation and         may be used as a factor in the hiring decision if the information is job-related


e. Background Verification & Documents Checks


     i. Channelplay will conduct background verification & Documents checks like Address proof etc. for the candidates upon joining. For this all new joiners have to sign their 

        willingness. In case of any negative report the Appointment shall stand cancelled forthwith


f. Hiring Decision


The hiring supervisor and hiring team is responsible for judging the relative qualifications of each applicant and for making the hiring decision

a)  Offer Letter

     · An offer letter must be issued by the hiring department to the successful applicant using an approved offer letter template

     · An offer needs to be negotiated by the business in coordination with HR team. Although the salary range has been defined clearly the business needs to offer a salary to 

        candidates depending on the experience, need and urgency of the role

     · The joining days are pre-determined at Channelplay by HR Department. Offer letter should be issued according to these dates only


b)  Non- Selected Candidates

     · The hiring supervisor is responsible for giving feedback for all non-selected applicants who were interviewed

     · The hiring supervisor must ensure that all records are completed, including indication of all applicants' status in Channelplay’s 1Office


c)  Relocation


     · As of now all candidates need to be sourced and hired locally for all roles.  However, in case the candidate needs to relocate either at the time of joining or after joining for 

        any outstation transfer Re location allowance up-to one month’s basic pay will be admissible


d)  Internal Job Posting


     · As and when there is a requirement the relevant positions will be published for IMOP’s. The selection criteria will have an added skill based assessment and Interview to            check the fitment for the applied role

     · The candidate applying for the IMOP should first get an approval from the current reporting manager.


e)  Succession Planning


     · Whenever there is resignation/transfer/retirement from a key position the Corporate Hiring team has to do the proper succession planning and ensure in time proper 

        replacement for smooth transition.


 7. Compensation & Benefits 

a. At Channelplay we offer the compensation & benefits at par with the Industry norms and offer best packages to the right candidate. The salary has two components Fixed 

    and Variable.

b. As the salary ranges are pre-defined the Hiring manager has the liberty to offer the salary within the range available to him/her


c. Apart from the Fixed salary there will be a variable component linked to the performance both of the company and the employee which is be defined as per the grade and 

    designation of the candidates

d. Channelpay’s Salary Structure is very simple and it is imperative that the same is explained to very shortlisted candidate. Our Salary structure is as follows:-

     i.  Basic@40% of CTC

     ii. HRA @50% of Basic

     iii. Bonus@ 8.33% of Basic

     iv. Flexible Benefit pay- as per Grade & Option exercised by the associate

     v.  Special Allowance- the balancing figure to match the agreed CTC

     vi.  Variable Pay@ 20-25% of CTC

     vii.  Employee Benefits: -

         -PF for all on minimum basic Pay of Rs 6500/-pm

         -ESIC @ 4.75% of gross salary for all salary up to Rs 15000/-pm

         -GMC for all on nominal contribution

         -GPA for all on nominal contribution

viii. Employee Deductions are:-

          -PF for all on minimum basic Pay of Rs 15000/-pm

          -ESIC @ 1.75% of gross salary for all salary up to Rs 15000/-pm

          -TDS as per IT Rules

          -Loss/Damage cost of any company owned asset

8. Corporate Hiring Self Sustainable 

The corporate hiring has been designed to be self-sustainable. There will be an Internal cost Transfer for each hiring done to the business or vertical which has created the open position. The amount required to be internally transferred shall be notified by the Management from time to time

9. Exceptions and Deviations

· Any exception or deviation from this policy requires approval of Head HR

· Management reserves the right to modify or terminate this policy without prior notice

· Non-compliance of the policy shall be reported to HR at hr@channelplay.in for appropriate action


10. Policy Owner

For any clarifications regarding Recruitment policy, please contact jitesh.gandhi@channelplay.in - Senior Manager -Corporate Hiring