1 Introduction

Welcome to the Channelplay Family! We look forward to a continuous mutually meaningful and successful association ahead. This handbook has been designed to familiarize all the employees of the organization with the policies and the processes of Channelplay Ltd. Channelplay is one of India’s fastest growing retail services companies. Founded in 2006 by professionals who had worked in industry and earlier graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta – we believe we are the best in our industry. A lot of world-class companies, including more than 10 of the Top 20 companies in the Telecom and IT industries have expressed their confidence in our vision. Channelplay now has over 3500 + employees, a footprint that covers over 300 cities in India and offices in the Top 8 cities of the Country.

1.1 Our Vision

To be an organization that provides a positive and enabling environment for people to be their best and do their best.

1.2 Our Mission

To be the world’s best retail marketing company, and in doing so - be the biggest, and thus be a provider of high quality employment for millions of people.

1.3 Our Values

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integrity

1.4 Organizational Structure   

Channelplay has a flat organization structure to encourage transparency                                  


2 New Joiners.

2.1 Joining Checklist

All new joiners are required to fill in an Employee Information Form on their first day in the organization. This form contains all the relevant information as regards the member’s personal particulars, contact details, detail of the nominees, etc. Employees are expected to inform HR department for any changes in their personal or legal particulars.

Upon joining, In addition all employees are automatically given a login & password for their Channelplay mail id and the Channelplay portal 1Office for their day today use. They are expected to login and change their password for their information security. They are required to upload the scan copies of the following documents. Failure to do so results in withholding of the salary.   



Joining Document


One Passport Size Photograph


Educational Certificates- Highest OR 10th , 12th, Graduation, PG , Combined in one PDF file


UAN No. of PF (If Not Available- A. Adhaar Card/ Pan Card, B. Cancelled Cheque for Bank Account No. with IFSC Code)


PAN card copy


ID and Address Proof- Adhaar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Passport, Ration Card copy


Cancelled Cheque of Existing Bank


Signed Appointment Letter


Other Documents- Relieving letter, Experience Letter, Resignation letter etc.


A cheque drawn in favor of Channelplay Limited (applicable only if any asset is allocated to the employee)



2.2 Induction& Orientation

The new joiner is made to sit through the induction process where he/she gets a brief introduction about the organization, work culture, employees, their job descriptions, general HR guidelines. Moreover, the new joiner is given an employee handbook which illustrates the policies and procedures of the organization. All the terms and conditions of employment, salary package are once again reiterated and explained to the new joiner in tandem with the employment contract. The new joiner is made clear about his Job Description and responsibilities by departmental head.

2.3 General Information

Attendance Project Team

Channelplay’s project teams work 6 days a week. The off day varies from project to project and location to location – and will be specified by your Project Manager. Work hours are 9 hours a day, including lunch and other breaks. The specific start times and end times for your work on a project will be defined by your supervisor or the Project Manager. 

You are required to mark your attendance using the Attendance feature of Channelplay’s mobile app – 1Channel, or through any other mechanism specified by your Project Manager. If you do not mark your attendance as specified, you will be considered to be on leave, and unless paid leaves are available – it will be considered an unpaid absence.

Attendance Corporate Team

Channelplay’s corporate team works Monday through Friday on all weeks, and on the first and last Saturday of the month. All other Saturdays are off. Work hours are 9 hours a day, starting no later than 10 AM. The 9 hours include a lunch break of up to 45 minutes and other breaks totalling up to 15 minutes. Any sign-in or sign-out more than 15 minutes short of the work times will be considered a half day. Every month, 5 delays/early exits of up to 15 minutes are allowed. After the fifth instance of delayed sign-in or early sign-out, a half-day will be considered for every subsequent delay. 

You are required to sign-in and sign-out of the office using the finger-print reader located at the office entrance for your attendance to be recorded, unless waived off from doing so by written communication of your second level supervisor to HR. If you do not mark your attendance as specified, you will be considered to be on leave, and unless paid leaves are available – it will be considered an unpaid absence.

 Compensatory Off

Working for 3-5 hours on a holiday or weekend entitles all employees to a half-day compensatory off, working for 5-8 hours entitles employees to a full-day compensatory off.

Work from Home Policy

      • Work from home is only permitted in the following situations.
      • Prolonged illness
      • Poor weather conditions
      • Immediate family member is unwell especially children

This option could only be availed only when business head and HR head have given approval (without it, it would be considered as unplanned leave). 

Dress Code

To reflect the company’s image, all permanent and contract employees should adhere to corporate formal dressing during the weekdays. Unacceptable attire would comprise of T-shirts, Baseball caps etc. However on Fridays/working Saturdays casual wear is permitted .Faded/torn jeans, shorts do not fall under Casual dressing .You can dress in smart casuals on Friday and Saturday.


Smoking in office premises or at work places is strictly prohibited.

2.4 Probation & Confirmation

Every new employee goes through an initial period of adjustment in order to learn about the Company and about his/her job. Additionally, the initial employment period gives the employee's supervisor a reasonable period of time to evaluate his/her performance .The initial employment period is three months. During this time, the new employee will be provided with training and guidance from his/her superiors. At the end of the initial employment period, the employee and his/her supervisor may discuss his/her performance. Provided his/her job performance is "satisfactory" at the end of the initial employment period, you will be appointed as a full-time employee of the Company. You will automatically be deemed to be confirmed with the Company, at the end of Probation period, until and unless specifically communicated to the contrary in writing.

2.5 Performance Appraisal 

We have a structured Performance Management System that sets specific objectives and measures performance achievement while identifying development opportunities. KRA (Key Responsibility Area) & KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for all new employees will be set within 15 days of joining by their Reporting Managers and submit to HR. In order to attract and retain a highly qualified and competent work force, Channelplay has instituted a performance management program to compensate employees in a fair and equitable manner based upon demonstrated job performance, and in accordance with its Equal Employment Opportunity policy. Through this program employees will receive constructive work reviews designed to address performance and skill developmental needs and interests.Employees may receive constructive work reviews on the following schedule: 

  • 2 cycles: April and October
  • Each appraisal cycle covers those who have completed 1 or more years of employment in the previous 6 months. No employee will be involved in both the cycles.

       ·  70% weight-age is given to historical KPI achievement.

       ·  KPI achievement reports maintained in the Performance Management System.

       ·  30% on behavioral competencies.

       ·  Behavioural competency measurement done through an appraisal Form

3. Issue of Visiting Cards

Employees will be issued visiting cards as per business need. They are expected to use the same judiciously. In case of change in designation/contact details/department, employees are expected to destroy their old cards .In case of resignation or termination, the employee is expected to handover his unused cards. Employees need to use the standard business card format in both their email and paper cards.

4. Issue of Identity Card

All Channelplay Limited associates are provided with an ID card which bears the associate Employee Code, Photo and Name printed on it. ID card is an important document and should always be secured by the associates. Apart from an Identity Proof this is the Key to many corporate tie-ups that the Channelplay Ltd has. The loss of ID card should be immediately reported to Admin. In case of loss of ID card a duplicate card can be collected from Admin department on payment of INR 100.

5. Issue of Company Assets

The Admin team is responsible to issue assets (like Laptop, mobile phones and data cards etc.) to all Channelplay associates upon getting approvals from Project Vertical Head. Following documents are required to submit before getting assets issued:

  • Asset form- duly filled
  • Govt. ID- card & Address Proof
  • A cheque with the total cost of assets mentioned
  • For Outstation Associates: Assets can be issued on receiving of all the above mentioned documents through courier.
  • It is mandatory for outstation associates to send a hard copy of the filled Asset Form

6. Notice Period 

In an event of an employee leaving the organization, the employee must submit formal notice of resignation to Reporting Manager. On acceptance of resignation, the employee must complete the handing over, No Dues formalities and Exit Interview to HR representative. Notice period for all employees under probation/ before 6 months is 15 days and after confirmation/ more than 6 months is 2 month or one Month Gross Pay in lieu of Notice Period in case of termination


7. Return of Company Assets & Admin Clearance 

On receiving of exit information from HR, Employee is responsible to return all the issued assets back to the Admin Asset Team. TAT for the admin clearance is Two days as per employees his/her undertaking.

  • If he or she fails to return all the assets within Two days’ time, we issue an official notice to return the assets within 7 days to the associate.
  • If not returned yet, we bank the security cheque to claim the asset cost.
  • In case the cheque gets bounced, Channelplay Limited reserves the right to take the appropriate legal action against the Associate

8. Conclusion

We encourages you to take responsibility to ensure that Chhanelplay is an organization with high integrity - not just by holding yourself to high standards, but also ensuring it in your environment.