A helpdesk ticket can be created by either writing to one of the helpdesk email IDs, or by using the helpdesk portal to create one.

Once a ticket is created by a user, it is automatically assigned to a Channelplay Helpdesk Agent, and an automated acknowledgement email is sent to the ticket creator. This automated email also contains a URL where the creator can track the status of the ticket.

When a ticket is created and assigned to an agent, it goes to the Open status.

Many times, a ticket needs additional information to be provided by the creator before further action can be taken by the helpdesk. In this case, the agent will ask the creator for more information by adding a comment to the ticket and change the status to Pending.

After all required information is available, the agent will do what needs to be done to fulfil the request of the creator, will update the ticket through a comment, and will change the status of the ticket to Resolved.

Once a ticket has been marked as Resolved by an agent, the creator has 48 hours to Reopen the ticket. This can be done simply by replying to the resolution email, or by adding a comment to the ticket by visiting its page. If a ticket is reopened, the agent will do what's required to complete the request, and will mark the ticket as Resolved again.

If a Resolved ticket is not Reopened, it will automatically change to Closed status after 48 hours. When a ticket is marked as Closed by the system, an automated email will be sent to the creator to rate the quality of the resolution of the ticket. Creators can give one of the following 3 ratings:

- Great

- Just Okay

- Not Good

The average of ratings of all creators will impact the KPI score of the agent for the period.