To make a request login to your 1office account and follow the steps below:

  • A1: Click on My 1Office
  • A2: Click on My Requests
  • A3: Click on Admin Support Requests
  • A4: Click on Add to make a request

  • A5: Select the Project Code  from the drop down list
  • A6: Click on Expense Month
  • A7: Click on Requets type, and mention the details of the request

  • A8: Click on Add after adding the request details
  • A9: Click on Submit 

  • On submission, an automated notification with support requests goes to admin.
  • Upon issuance an automated completion notification goes to the requester

Guidelines for Air Travel Request

  • Air Travel tickets are to be booked only through Admin support
  • No personal air travel bookings will be entertained for reimbursements
  • Personal air travel bookings only admissible under emergency conditions. Reimbursement in such case can be granted only with approval