1. For Radio Cabs


As per the trend the cabs mentioned above can be hired either by dialing their booking numbers or by downloading their Mobile Apps. The process is very simple. For booking associate needs to communicate details of his pickup location where the cab is required and the details of the destination location to the service provider’s helpdesk along with time of pickup and mobile number. Associate will get an SMS confirmation of his booking details. Associate needs to check if the details have been correctly captured or not. Incorrect details needs to be confirmed the service provider immediately for correction.


After the trip, an invoice will be generated for the journey if the booking has been done online through the Mobile App. Alternatively the cab driver shall provide the receipt for the journey undertaken. The Associate needs to pay his bill either by cash or by credit card and claim as per process.


Since the rates of Sedan cabs are more than the hatchback cars, a judicious decision needs to be taken by the associate before booking the Sedan cab.


2. For Savaari.com Cabs


For multiple travel locations, the Associate needs to prudently plan his or her travel and raise a request by writing to claims-helpdesk@channelplay.in at least 24 hours in advance. The request raised will be processed at the backend by the Admin team.


The moment Admin team does the booking, the associate gets the booking confirmation details by SMS and by mail on his or her official mail id. The driver details and the vehicle number are then shared by Savaari .com at least 2 hours before the scheduled pickup time by SMS & by mail. An associate is entitled to a clean cab along with free bottle of mineral water and a newspaper each time the vehicle is booked from Savaari.com upon completion of the journey a feedback request is shared by the Savaari.com expressing the experience with the vendor.  


Payment to the vendor is centrally cleared by the Admin team and then the cost is booked to the respective Project through an internal Transfer process in a normal manner.


Note:-In case of team travel, cab booking is to be done judiciously fully optimizing the cab capacity.