1. Policy Purpose


The purpose of this policy is to lay down the process & guidelines to deal with the fake claims submitted by the employees for reimbursement of their expenditures.


2. Policy Scope & Applicability


This policy encompasses all claim bills submitted by the employees for reimbursement of their expenditures incurred. Employees need to understand this policy very clearly and are expected to dissuade from submission of fake claims.


3. Classification of Fake Claims


The approving authority (RH and PM) and the Finance department is authorized to reject the claims of an employee if they are not genuine or are fake in nature. For the sake of easy understanding, the fake claims can be classified into following three categories:

a) Fake bills: All non-genuine bills fabricated to resemble the genuine bill shall fall in this category.

b) Tempered Bills: All genuine bills tempered to change the entries or figures with an ulterior motive shall fall in this category.

c) Fraudulent Bills: Any bill(s) submitted by the employee for the expenditure which actually has not been incurred by the employee shall fall in this category.


4. Process for Fake Claims


    As a part of the reimbursement of employee claims policy, claims are subject to approval/verification at the following levels:

    • First Level -  RH Approval

    • Second Level -  PM Approval

    • Third Level -  Finance Verification

During the approval/verification process, fake bills can be detected at any of these three levels. The following is the laid down process to deal with the fake claims:

  • As soon as the fake bills are detected, the same shall be rejected as non-claimable and shall not be payable

  • All such claims detected by the RH & PM shall be intimated to corporate HR by the regional HR BPs

  • All such claims detected by Finance department shall be listed and intimated to the Corporate HR with full details by 21st of every month

  • Once the list of defaulter employees is finalized, a Show cause notice shall be issued by HR to the employee seeking clarification on the fake bills submitted under intimation to his supervisor and HOD

  • All defaulter employees have to give their clarification on the fake bill queries latest by 30th of the month

  • If the clarification received from the employee is found unsatisfactory, the defaulter employee shall be issued a warning letter with the details of the case, keeping his supervisor & HOD in loop. He will also be cautioned in the warning letter that the re-occurrence of any such incidents in the future shall lead to termination

  • HR will issue a warning letter in email with attached PDF of signed document with cc to his supervisor and HOD

  • If the clarification received from the employee is found satisfactory, the claim shall be payable otherwise it will not be payable

  • Any re-occurrence of the offence in future shall result in termination of the employee without any notice period under intimation of his supervisor and HOD.


 5. Responsibility


This document is owned by the HR department of Channelplay Limited. The HR department will issue amendments as and when deemed necessary. The HR function would keep this document continuously updated by making necessary amendments/changes/updates as per the management policy.


6. Claims Help-Desk


Please write to claim-helpdesk@channelplay.in  for any clarification of your claims.


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9. Confidentiality Information and Disclaimer


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