1. Introduction


This process is to ensure that any employee who is separating from Channelplay either voluntarily or involuntarily receives an exit interview.  The exit interview shall be held at the time of the employee’s discharge.  The interview will be conducted online. The process will come into action from 01 July 2015.


2. Purpose and Objectives


The objectives of the exit interview are as follows:


· To determine the actual reason(s) for an employee’s resignation;

· To discover any grievances, the employee may have about the department in order to take corrective action(s);

· To discover any misunderstandings the employee may have about his/her job, or with his/her supervisor(s);

· To retain the goodwill of the employee toward the company;

· To review administrative details with the employee such as benefits continuation rights and conversion privileges, if any, final pay, re-employment policy, and employment compensation;

· To ensure that exiting employees are informed of their benefits and rights


3. Exit Interview Procedure


The procedure followed for conducting an exit interview for an inactive employee is described as below:

Step 1

An employee announces his/ her intention to resign from the company, or he/she is asked to exit.

Step 2

The employee’s inactive process is initiated by HR.

Step 3

With the auto generated mail, sent to the employees for initiation of exit process and HR Clearance, the link to the Exit Interview is attached.

Step 4

The employee submits the form and data is captured through online system.

Step 5

An analysis of different exit reasons is done on fortnightly basis with the help of the generated report.


4. Exit Interview Questionnaire

The template for exit interview questionnaire is attached as an Annexure A to this document.


5. Responsibility


This document is owned by the HR department of Channelplay Limited. The HR department will issue amendments as and when necessary. The HR function would keep this document continuously updated by making necessary amendments/changes/updates as per the management policy.


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Annexure A:  Exit Interview Form

Click on the link: http://goo.gl/forms/NQ7zn80YL9