Question - '' How can I send supportings for multiple claims in one package '' ?

Answer- The procedure of sending supportings for multiple claims in one package i.e., Incorrect way of sending claims, Problems faced & Correct way of sending claims.


. The employee's used to staple all of their together, For example- If an employee wants to send his 4 claims, then he used to staple 4 of his claims together along with the supportings.

. Due to this few of the claims do not get received.

. Employee's do not attach the supportings properly with the cover note of the claim and few of the supportings used to get misplaced in transit.

. Most of the times, employee's do not upload the scanned copy of the supportings on Channeledge.


 . While receiving those claims, the Admin department only checks the first page & they might assume that all the other documents attached with that particular claim are the supportings for that claim only.

.  Due to this only the uppermost claim used to get received.

.  It becomes very difficult for the Claims department to track such claims as the status of one claim is received but the       status of other claim is pending and they used to find that claim in bundles of claims.

.  Supportings used to get misplaced in transit as they are not properly attached with the claim.

.  If the scanned copy of the documents are not uploaded on Channeledge, then there is no proof for the expense which has been incurred by the  employee.


.  As per the procedure of sending claims, paste a slip on the envelope while sending the hard copy of the claims to the corporate office and mention all the claim codes on the slip which are there in the envelope.

.  While receiving claims, Admin team can cross check the same from the claim codes which are being mentioned on the slip.

.  Staple all your supportings properly with the claim, so that any of your supporting will not get misplaced in transit. The Claims department will not able to process any of your claim without supporting.

.  The scanned copy of all the supporting documents should be uploaded on Channeledge while uploading claims.