To perform a self-service password reset:

Go to a site, you’ll see a login screen like the below. Click the “Need help?” link.

After clicking “Need help?” you are brought to a new page which will ask for an email ID for which you wish to reset a password. Enter your Google Apps email ID here, and click “Continue”.

After clicking “ContinueIt will take you to a screen like below UI.

Since you have already specified an email address, click “I don’t know” button. Once you click “I don’t know” button, the page will update and you will then see a new screen like below.

Select “a text message (SMS)” option and click "Continue". After you have done that, you will then receive a text message with a verification code which can be used to reset your password.

Once the text massage arrives, you’ll be able to enter the verification code found in the text massage in the input box shown below. After a proper code is entered, Click Continue, and you are able to pass through the verification step.

Now you are allowed to choose a new password. The password is validated based it meets “strong” password is recommended.

Once you provide matching passwords that meet the organizational policy, your password is reset and you can log in with your new password immediately.