To perform a self-service password reset

  1. Go to, you’ll see a login screen like the below. Click the “can’t access your account” link to visit the password reset UI.

After clicking “can’t access your account”, you are brought to a new page which will ask for a user ID for which you wish to reset a password. Enter your user ID here, pass the captcha, and click “next”.

Since you have specified a mobile phone, and alternate email in your first login, you see that he has been given all of those as options to pass the first challenge.

In this case, click on the Email my alternate email option.  After you have done that, pressing email will email the alternate email on file.


Here is a sample of an email that you will be received at your alternate email ID.

Once the email arrives, the page will update, and you’ll be able to enter the verification found in the email in the input box shown below. After a proper code is entered, the next button lights up, and you are able to pass through the second verification step.

Click Next.

Click Text.

Once you’ve met the requirements of the organizational policy, you are allowed to choose a new password. The password is validated based it meets AAD “strong” password requirements and a strength validator appears to indicate to the user whether the password entered meets that policy.

Once you provide matching passwords that meet the organizational policy, your password is reset and you can log in with your new password immediately.