Question-‘What all approvals are required with the claims of ‘’MICROSOFT PROJECT’’?

Answer- Approvals required with the claims of ‘’Microsoft Project’’ are as follows and the hard copy of all the approvals should be attached with the claim :

. For Local Conveyance, approval of reporting head is separately required on an email along with the hard copy of the      claim sheet and cost should be mentioned in the email while taking approval from the Reporting Head. 

. For Outstation tour, approval from Microsoft Head Office is required on the total cost which has been incurred and    approval should be taken date wise & expense head wise i.e.,  approval should be there in tabular form in which the cost    break up( expense head wise) should be clearly mentioned,along with the date of the expenditure.

. The date on which the expense has been claimed, that date should be mentioned on the supporting which is being  attached for the same.

. Approval is required for Outstation Travel, Accommodation, Outstation TA/DA and Food Expenses and for any other  expense which is being incurred on Outstation Tour.

. The cost on which the approval has been taken, that cost should be there on the approval email and while attaching the  print out of the cost approval with the claim, the cost should be clearly visible on it along with the other necessary details.

. In case the dates on which the expenditure has been incurred are not exactly same with the dates for which the approval  has been taken, then a separate approval from RM is required, else the same will not be considered.