Question-'' How can I upload my claims on the online portal'' ?


Answer- Following are the steps to be followed for the procedure of claim filing:


  Note : ( Go through the attached file )


Step 1 Click on My 1- Office tab on Channel edge i.e, the online portal.


Step 2 : Click on My Requests.


Step 3 : Click on the Claims Payment Window.


Step 4 : Click on the Add icon.


Step 5 : Fill the below mentioned details :-


           . Select the Project Code & Expense Month.

           Select the Expense type, Expense date & description.

           . Enter the amount.

           . Attach the scanned copy of the supporting on the online portal.


Step 6 : Click on the Add icon for claiming another expense.


Step 7 : Click on the submit icon to submit the claim.

Step 8 : After that your claim will get approved by your Reporting Head & by your Program Manager.


Step 9 You will get the notification of approval/rejection of your claim & a cover note will be generated after getting the approval from your Program Manager.


Step 10 : Send the hard copy of the supporting along with the cover note to the corporate office on the below mentioned address for further procedure of claim reimbursement.


                 CLAIMS DEPARTMENT

             Channelplay Limited, Plot No- 721,

             Udyog- Vihar, Phase- 5, Gurgaon- 122016.