1. Introduction

Channelplay recognizes that a supportive and developmental probation process is vital in providing the appropriate level of support and training for new employees on commencement of their employment.

This policy sets out the company’s approach to probation for new members of Channelplay family, aiming to ensure the company meets its commitment to the fair, equal and consistent treatment of all the employees with regard to the probation period.

2. Policy Scope & Applicability

The Probation policy is only for permanent employees of the company and as per the terms and conditions in the appointment letter. The probation period will start from the date of joining as per the period mentioned on the first page of the appointment letter. It is dependent on the skills and competencies required for the role and will normally be:


· 5 months for Lateral Hiring

· 6 months for Campus Hiring/ Fresher

During the probation period, either party may terminate this employment by serving a written notice of 15 days on the other Party.


Upon satisfactory completion of probation period, employee’s services will stand confirmed, subject to a formal written approval from the HR Department of the Company. The probation period may be extended by maximum 3 months as deemed fit by the Management of the Company and such extension, if any, shall be binding upon probationers.


The process for confirmation of employment will come into force with effect from 1st March 2015 and shall apply to all newly appointed employees, whose terms and conditions of employment state that their appointment is subject to a probationary period. The services of all the employees, who joined prior to 1st March 2015, stand confirmed.


3. Performance Review Form Template

A performance review form, attached as Annexure 1 to this policy, will be forwarded to the reporting head of the probationer. The evaluation will be based on the following factors:


· To the point and measurable performance targets.

· Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

· Behavioral Factors

· Completion of Online Induction Courses within the one month of joining.


The form needs to be filled by the RH with individual ratings of all the factors, average rating, scope of improvement and overall feedback.


The PM then puts in his/ her feedback by stating one of the below mentioned options:

· Confirmation of Employment

· Extension of Probation Period

· Termination of Employment


4. Probation Period Review Process

The review process will start 10 days prior to the completion of employee’s probation period. The review will be a two- level process, including performance and behavioral assessment, to be done by Level 1 Manager i.e. RH and Level 2 Manager i.e. PM.

The main steps of the confirmation process are as follows:

Step 1

‘Probationary Employee Performance Review Form’ shared with the RH. As per Annexure 1

Step 2

RH gives rating on the factors mentioned in the form along with an average rating, scope of improvement and overall feedback. TAT for this Step is 4 days.

Step 3

After evaluation from RH, the PM gives the final feedback in terms of the following options:

· Confirmation of Employment

· Extension of Probation Period (1 month, 2 months or 3 months)

· Termination

TAT for this step is 3 days.


Step 4

The form is then gauged by the HR department to issue the letter of confirmation, extension of probation period or termination. TAT for this step is 3 days.


5. Evaluation of Review Ratings

After the evaluation by RH and PM, the final letters are issued by the HR department. On the basis of the average rating of the employee, the result of the review process can be:

Average Rating

Result of the Review Process


Confirmation of Employment Letter as per Annexure 2


Extension of Probation Period Letter as per Annexure 3


Termination Letter as per Annexure 4


6. Post Probation Period Extension- Review Process


In case the probation period gets extended by 1, 2 or 3 months, as the case may be, the whole review process shall be repeated after completion of extension period.

The TAT for repeat review shall remain same as enshrined in this policy.


7. Responsibility

This document is owned by the HR department of Channelplay Limited. The HR department will issue amendments as and when necessary. The HR function would keep this document continuously updated by making necessary amendments/changes/updates as per the management policy.


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10. Confidentiality Information and Disclaimer

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