Question- What are the guidelines for claim submission ?

Answer- Following are the points which needs to be taken care of while submitting claims :-

1.               1) Bills required. Order/Estimate/Delivery challan/Receipt/Duty Slip is not acceptable with some exceptions.

a. Online recharge receipts are accepted in case of prepaid mobile expenses.

b. For courier expenses, either POD is required or bill is required along with the delivery report.

2.                 2)  Information required on bills-

a. Bill No.

b. Date

c. Rate, Quantity & Amount

d. Taxable amount (if any) & corresponding tax registration no.

e. Vendor’s name & contact details

f. Bill should be either in the name of employee or Channelplay Ltd.

3.                  3) Kachha bills/No bills

   a. A limit on amount will be fixed depending on expense type

   b. Client’s approval required

   c. Details like Name & contact details of the Vendor should be mentioned on Kachha bills

4.                   4) Tampered bills are not accepted.

5.                   5)  Only original bills are accepted. Xerox copies are not considered.

6.                   6)  Approval mail to be attached in case :-

      a. Claimed amount is exceeding policy amount

      b. Any amount claimed under miscellaneous head

      c. If fuel bills are not attached for Local conveyance

      d. Cost approval for outstation travel

7.                    7)  Xerox copy of the bills should also be attached along with original ones in case of thermally printed bills.

8.                    8) If finance department feels any bill is suspicious or fake in terms of its amount or the existence of the                                product or services then they have the complete authority to reject it.


T                       9) The amount claimed for any product or service should be reasonable.