Question- How to claim a single Accommodation/Travel bill which has been shared by more than one employee?

Answer- The following procedure should be followed while claiming a single bill which has been shared by more than one employee :-

. If 4 of the employee's have stayed together and they got a single bill against their accommodation, then either the name       of the employee who has paid the bill should claim the entire month.

.  If the employee's want to claim it separately, then the employee who is attaching the original bill, he should also attach          the name of the employee's who have stayed together in an excel format.

.  Name of all the employee's should be mentioned on the bill.

.  The employee's who are attaching the xerox copy of the bill, should mention the name of the employee or the claim              code in the description in whose claim the original bill is there.

  Approval should be there on the amount which has been claimed.