The employees shall have the right to voluntarily resign from the employment of the Company. Employee shall address the resignation letter e-mails to with CC to his supervisor or reporting Manager. The resignation should be totally voluntary and not under influence by supervisor or anyone else in the organization. If any evidence is reported for pressurizing an employee to resign, strict disciplinary action shall be taken against such a person for creating unauthorized pressure. All employees resigning from the company are required to serve the notice period as mentioned in their appointment letter.

The employee shall be relieved from the Company subject to complete and formal handover of all assignments, proper transitioning & knowledge transfer, submission of company documents, successful completion of all on-going activities and formal relieving process as per Company Policy. The Company does not allow the use of Earned or Casual Leaves against the notice period. The company shall recover the in lieu cost of the un- served notice period from the outstanding dues of the employee.