An employee shall immediately be terminated if he/she is found guilty of any of the following Ethical or Moral Breach:-

a)  Carrying or bearing in possession of any lethal weapon or other such article inside the work premises, which may endanger any person or property


b) Threatening, intimidating, molesting, abusing or assaulting or causing bodily injury to anyone inside the work premises or outside such premises, where such an act relates to the employment


c) Incitement to violence whether by word of mouth, writing or other forms of communication, against any of employees


d) Sabotage or doing willful damage to or loss of goods or property or wastage of any asset of the company


e) Conviction in any Court of Law for any criminal offence involving moral turpitude or any other serious offense punishable under IPC


f) Deliberately spreading false information or rumors to bring about disruption to normal work, or panic among the employees


g) Any breach of the terms of the conditions of service of employment


h) In the event of stealing, misusing or misappropriating company's property or funds


i) Misuse of official position or authority in any form for personal gain or benefit


j) Any act prejudicial to the interest of the Company


k) Harassment of co-workers on the grounds of gender, religion, cast, sexual orientation or other such matters 


l) In the event of the company finding evidence that the employee had presented false information to secure this job


All Reporting Managers are required to report the Ethical & Moral Breaches observed by them to HR. HR shall evaluate the reported  allegation  as per the process laid down in para 5 below and if the employee is found guilty he/she shall be terminated with immediate effect without any Notice Period or Compensation in lieu of the Notice Period