The Company has a Code of Conduct to be followed by its employees. Any non-observance of the Code of Conduct by any employee shall be deemed as misconduct. In addition the following acts or omissions shall be deemed as Disciplinary/Misconduct Issues:


a) Striking work or inciting others to strike work in contravention of the provisions of any law. The term “striking work” includes work–to-rule, sit-down and / or stay-in strike, pen-down strike and sympathetic strike


b) Drunkenness or being under the influence of drug or indulging in indecency or immorality within the work premises


c) Willful insubordination or disobedience of any lawful and reasonable order or instruction of a superior including requirement to perform overtime work


d) Any act or omission by virtue of which the company has suffered loss in the business


e) Insolence, impertinence, rudeness or misbehavior towards any colleague, client, visitor or public servant inside the work premises or outside where such act relates to employment


f) Smoking inside the work premises where it is prohibited


g) Refusal to accept or take notice of any order or other communication meant for employee from any company authority sent by the person or in due course by post or mail


h) Playing cards or carrying on or participating in gambling of any kind of whatsoever within the work premises


i) Deliberately making false complaint or report against any employee


j) Refusal to appear for medical examination when directed by the Competent Authority


k) Habitual absence from work without leave


l) Habitual late attendance or leaving of work before the scheduled time


m) Habitual negligence or neglect of work


n) Habitual inefficiency, carelessness and defective work causing quality or quantity of work to suffer


o) Guilty of submitting Fake bills for his reimbursement claims


All incidents of Indiscipline/ Misconduct shall be reported to HR by the Reporting Manager. HR shall evaluate the reported allegation as per the process laid down in para 5 below and if the employee is found guilty he/she can be awarded any of the following punishments for his/her first offense:-


                       i. Issue a warning letter to the employee


                       ii. Withhold the increment of such employee


                       iii. Demote the employee to junior grade and band


                      iv. Suspend without pay for period not exceeding four days at a time


                      v. Fine the employee in Cash or may adjust the same against his dues


                      vi. Terminate employment with immediate effect or with some notice


In awarding any punishment, the management shall take into account the gravity of the indiscipline/misconduct, previous record, if any, of the employee and any other extenuation circumstances that may exist. Any fine imposed by the Management shall be liable to be deducted and is recoverable from the wages or any other monetary dues or entitlement of the employee

In case the employee is found guilty of Indiscipline/Misconduct second time for the same offense or any other offense employee shall be terminated with immediate effect without any notice or compensation in lieu of notice.