As a supervisor/Manager, you must ensure that your employees get the “big picture” of their contributions towards the project and company. Make sure your employees know what’s expected out of them in their duties, performance and behavior. If an employee’s performance falls below the expected level of performance objectives, you should have a counseling discussion with the employee as per the following steps:

Step 1

During the counseling session, discuss with the employee:

· Identify which performance objectives are unsatisfactory.

· How satisfactory performance is measured.

· Possible solutions to correct the unsatisfactory performance.

· The assistance that is available (training, coaching, mentoring, etc.).

· The time frame in which the employee must demonstrate sustained satisfactory performance in the job function(s).

Explain the performance improvement process and advise the employee that he/she will be placed on a Performance Improvement Plan if the performance deficiencies continue or if the level of satisfactory performance is not sustained.

Step 2

If improvement is shown, recognize the achievement and provide positive reinforcement.

Step 3

If the employee’s performance does not improve, advise the employee that continued unsatisfactory performance during the evaluation timeframe will result in placing him/her on a Performance Improvement Plan. As a right approach, you should consult your HR Business Partner before you place an employee on a PIP as her role will be critical in successfully implementing and completing the PIP.


Note: - The PIP should not be used for issues such as employee misconduct, poor or inappropriate behavior or incompetence. Misconduct or behavior issues are something that should be strictly handled through the progressive discipline processes.