Question- What are the important points to be taken care of while sending claims ?

Answer-   Following are the points to remember while sending claims :-

        . Approval should be attached with the claim as per the requirement of the policy.

            . All the necessary details should be mentioned on the bill i.e., Bill Number, Date, Rate, Quantity & Amount, Taxable                            amount ( if any) & corresponding tax registration number, Vendor's name & contact details etc.

        . Employee's should file their claims for a particular month under a single claim in case the date of the expenditure and                        the date for which the approval has been taken does not match.

        . Cost should be mentioned in the email while taking the approval.

        . Print out of the approval email should be taken accurately while attaching the hard copy of the approval email with the                      claim, so that the cost should be clearly visible on it.

        . Supportings should be properly attached with the claims and it should be pasted on an A-4 size sheet.