1. Introduction

Channelplay recognises that a flexible work from home process is vital in providing the appropriate level of support to all of its employees. This policy sets out the company’s requirements and conditions associated with approval to work from home. The policy also aims to ensure that the responsibility is clearly understood by all the employees.

2. Eligibility & Entitlement


· Only Corporate Employees are eligible to take Work-from-Home

· A total of 10 working days of work-from-home in a Calendar year is allowed

3. Process Guidelines for Approval


· Employee should seek approval from the RM in advance stating the reason clearly as to why ‘Work-from-Home’ option needs to be availed

· Approval of Work from home is completely at the discretion of Reporting Manager

· Work from home cannot be availed for less than 5 working days at a time

· Work from home can be availed for shorter periods only in case of force majeure situations such as bad weather or transportation strikes, and then with the permission of the reporting head and HR head


4. Employee’s Responsibility


Expectations from the employee during work from home are as follows:


· Should meet the same performance standards

· Target dates should never be missed

· Business and clients’ needs should never be compromised

· Daily work report summarizing the day’s work to be submitted to the RM